175th Celebration

We want you to be part of a big celebration to recognize 175 years of Methodism in the Tahlequah area. The festivities will culminate in a potluck dinner Sunday, December 2, at 6 p.m. in the Activities Building. We’ll be designing t-shirts for the occasion and collecting your photos and stories. We want your own history of our church captured in photos of church activities.

Please bring your photos to the office in an envelope labeled with your name and each photo clearly identified on the back with your name and date of the event, if possible. We will carefully scan these photos and return them to you. You can also email your photos to Pastor Matt (matt.franks@tahlequahumc,org).

What attracted you to our church and what made you stay? We’re looking for your stories of love for our church. You may have a brief story of a church member who encouraged you on your Methodist journey or want to share how the church has made a difference in your life. To record your favorite memories, go to the Share your story header below on this page.

Share your story.

Here is a document that gives a little bit of Church history.

tfumc history

The 175th Tahlequah FUMC Commemorative Year Celebration Sale

“The 175th Tahlequah FUMC Commemorative Year Celebration Sale” is set to kick off in the Atrium following worship on Sunday, December 2.  This estate sale is designed to pay down our building debt with all proceeds going to the mortgage principal.  At mid September our debt was $559,305.30, with a daily interest payment of $61.50.

This is a once in a lifetime sale!  We are seeking valued items that will provide big sale revenues.  Suggestions include: clothing valued at $50 or more per item, purses in excellent condition, dishes, pottery, baskets, glassware, vases, crystal, silver, furniture, mirrors, lamps, table cloths, napkins, towels, washcloths, hand towels, dish towels, quilts, kitchen items, Christmas décor, jewelry, musical instruments, figurines, statuary, artwork, frames, records, CDs, hard cover books, toys, games, athletic equipment, tools in good condition, cars, trucks, campers, boats, and trailers.  Arrangements can be made to move large items to the church for the sale.

David Morrison is donating his minimally used golf clubs and NSU golf bag.  The clubs include Cobra Irons with Ping Metal Woods and several utility clubs, which when new were valued at over $1,000.

We will not accept:  electronics, magazines, paperbacks, crafts, or appliances.


Celebration Sale Schedule:

Mon. Nov. 19 – Sat. Nov. 24

7 am – 6 pm

Receive Sale items (Excluding Thanksgiving)


Mon. Nov. 26 – Sat. Dec. 1

8 am – 6 pm

Set up Sale


Sun. Dec. 2 – Sun. Dec. 9  Sale

Sunday  noon – 5 pm

Mon-Sat 8 am – 6 pm


Celebration Sale Regulations Include:

  1. All items provided must be clean, polished, or dusted.
  2. The donor will provide a value for the item; the committee will assign the selling price.
  3. The donor will provide a “provenance,” a short statement of the history or story of the item, including the date of the item.
  4. Tax letters will be given to donors immediately upon drop off.
  5. Presale storage of items accepted by committee members, or designated persons, will be in the unfinished Fellowship Hall (Field of Dreams).
  6. Items will NOT be sold prior to the beginning of the sale.


We will need many buyers, so spread the word!  Items may be purchased with credit cards, debit cards, checks or cash.  We believe the sky is the limit on the money we will be able to raise.  The success of this project will depend on the quality of items donated and sold, and the dedication of our volunteers.  We will appreciate all individuals who would like to assist!  For questions, leave a message on Janet Stucky’s home phone (918) 456-1630.


175th T-Shirts